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  About Us

Shandong Huiyuan Zinc Factory in Zouping County Shandong Province was established in 2000,located in the country of zouping county economy top ten. Jinan international airport in the west, jiqing high-speed rail, jiaoji railway, jinan-qingdao highway, marina, high-speed sideways, the geographical position is superior, transportation convenience.
Huiyuan Zinc Factory, one of the industry standard drafting units in national cosmetics for the use of zinc pxide, is a specialized manufacturer of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Powder, with the annual output of 10,000 tons of Zinc Oxide with indirect process (with 1,000 tons Zinc Oxide of reagent grade) and 5,000 tons of Zinc Powder. Our Zinc Oxide, with its Zinc content arranging from 99.96%, 99.8%, 99.7% to 99.5%, can completely meet the GB/T3185-92 standard. What’s more, we have developed environment-friendly Zinc Oxide that meets the standard of EU RoHS and Sony’s. Our Zinc Oxide is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, pigment, rubber, coating, ceramics, magnetic material,etc. Our Zinc Powder, with specifications arranging from 80 meshes, 120 meshes, 200 meshes, 325 meshes, 400 meshes to 500 meshes,can meet the GB/T6890-2000 standard. It is widely used in metallurgy, paint, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, heavy anticorrosive coating, etc. Natural gas is used as the energy so as to achieve energy saving, environmental protection and zero emission. Now Huiyuan has already passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. And our products, favored by our customers, are well sold throughout the country and exported to EU, America and Southeast Asia.
Huiyuan now possesses strong technology and complete inspection facilities. Sticking to such an idea of “Be professional in work, be honest in life”, we promise to “produce first-class products and provide excellent service to you”.
Mao Guanhong, the factory director of Huiyuan, is looking forward to cooperating with you for a bright future.

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